Flared skirt 4 buttons


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The flared skirt can evolve thanks to two loops and four buttons on the belt. One form gives you a wide range of styling options in hooking it in many ways. This is an interesting offer for creative people, because the skirt may look a bit different every day. The fit to the waist consists in tying the straps at the back. From the top of the binding a purse with snaps comes out. This detail is vital because it is connected with the hooks on the buttons and makes an additional decorative element. The fabric is a very interesting combination of wool and linen. Its transparency adds finesse and lightness and exposes overlapping layers.

  • Lining from waist to knee
  • Binding on the straps at the back
  • At the back snaps on the purse
  • Two buttons at the front and two at the back, for effective fastenings
  • Loops placed on the inside, in the side seams at the bottom of the skirt
  • Fabric - transparent wool with linen
  • Lining - viscose